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In fact, many historians believe that the drain of World War II hastened the department of the British from India, but this is quite disputed by other historians.Another theory—based entirely on anecdote but sometimes heard in India, is that the date was chosen to drive a wedge between the Japanese and Indians, as Indians would be celebrating on a day the Japanese would be mourning.The last viceroy of British India, Lord Mountbatten, said he chose the date of August 15 for the end of the Raj because of its significance throughout Asia, and it came to mind when he had to pick a date for the end of British rule in India (and Pakistan—though Pakistan chose to celebrate its independence on August 14 to distinguish itself from India).The British were also anxious to leave India as soon as possible and the date suited their timeline.

Similarly, Japanese employees posted in India would enjoy the same benefit after producing a certificate of coverage certifying that they are contributing towards social security schemes such as PF and pension in their home country.

It said that Indian and Japanese workers who are working in Japan and India respectively will benefit from the pact.

The SSA will also help more Japanese companies to consider India as a destination for their manufacturing investments.

Indian industry expanded rapidly during the war, becoming the fourth largest in the world.

However, India also suffered a devastating disaster during this period, one of history’s largest man-made famines, the Bengal Famine of 1943, which killed an estimated 4 million people.

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This is all the more because BRICS nations have individually signed SSAs with other nations.

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