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In general, there are three key elements to Bosanquet’s logic.First, logic is concerned with To have a complete description of some thing, then, it must be understood in its context and in its relations to other things.

Bosanquet did not follow either Green or Bradley blindly (see Sweet 1996), and there are important differences in his work.During the last decade of his life he engaged in a number of exchanges on questions in logic, culminating in the publication of (1920), which C. Broad described as containing “the clearest and most plausible account” of Bosanquet’s views (Broad 1920, p. For Bosanquet, logic is central to philosophy, but it is ‘logic’ in a broad sense. Not surprisingly, then, Bosanquet argues that metaphysics—“the general science of reality”—cannot be distinguished from logic—the science of knowledge—any more than one can separate a result from the process which produces it.He writes: By Logic we understand, with Plato and Hegel, the supreme law or nature of experience, the impulse towards unity and coherence […] by which every fragment yearns towards the whole to which it belongs… Despite the connection between logic and knowledge, however, Bosanquet denied that he was doing epistemology—in the sense of a theory of cognition in which truth and reality are treated as independent of one another.Similarly, to say that a judgement is ‘true’, we must take the system in which the judgement is bound up and then note Bosanquet’s view is best described, then, as a coherence theory—though it is one that is concerned with more than the formal consistency of the set of true propositions.Third, according to Bosanquet, Coherence, therefore, is attained by a dialectical, evolutionary process.

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Bosanquet considered induction as importantly related to deduction; in this respect, his views are similar to those of Christoph Sigwart and W. In induction, a hypothesis is “verified by the agreement of its deduced conclusion with observed facts”; it is established only “in proportion as we are convinced that the verified results could not be deduced from any other principle” (“Logic as the Science of Knowledge”, .).

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